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Screencast Academy is a podcast for you, the online entrepreneur, wantrepreneur, solopreneur, small business entreprereneur, teacher and educator. To hep you build, grow and engage and audience that follows you and your message and invests in your vision, your products and services. If your looking for tips, tricks, tactics and resources on how to create, edit quicker and more engaging screencasts, then this is the podcast show for you. I Dean Haycox share with you each week an episode to help you create, edit quicker and more engaging screencasts, so you can teach your passion and niche to your community. I will be interviewing todays top guests in the world of, youtube, video, video marketing, screenflow, camtasia for mac and screencasting.
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Jun 21, 2016

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In this weeks episode we have on the SAP couch Reshan Richards from Reshan is the Co Founder and chief learning officer for explain everything. In this interview he takes us through the features of the explain everything app and what it can do.

The Explain everything app is a collaborative and interactive whiteboard, you can also use it for projects, add backgrounds, add objects, write on the app, screencast with the app, add in HD videos and you can even work on projects from around the world at the same time.

This is an amazing app to add to your screencasting toolbox and it is also useful for on the go professionals, teachers and educators.


Screencast tip of the week

If your using video in your screencast videos, then highly recommend the Logitech c920 Web Cam. It's the camera that I use when recording video, I don't use a fancy $1000 camera I don't need to you can have great quality video with the Logitech Web Cam. If your going to be using the Logitech then I also recommend grabbing the web cam settings app to go with it, it has more advanced options when it comes to tweaking the video and the lighting, white balance etc.

So that is my screencast tip of the week




  • What the explain everything app is
  • What you can do with the app
  • All the features of the app
  • Tips & tricks for using the app
  • and more...


Quick announcements and updates 


If you didn’t check out the show I did a few weeks back where I talked about the new screenflow 6 and it’s new features, if you haven’t listened to that you can go to and ill post the link in the show notes too.


And finally, I would like to thank this weeks R&R

He say’s I’m a techie and love this! Great show Dean. 


I would love to get your comments, feedback and questions on anything about this weeks episode. This weeks show notes are available at


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